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Today, most business executives, experts, businessmen and business people recognize the Internet as their number one source of daily necessities. Ease of access, large audiences, saving time and money, eliminating unnecessary trips to the city, as well as reducing air pollution along with eliminating market intermediaries and reducing prices are the most important benefits of digital media. The clinic's website has been launched as an online media outlet for Shiraz Peak Novel Advertising Center with a strong track record of promoting business and boosting business productivity in September 2015, during the period since the launch of the website. The atmosphere has grown to more than 1 million visits per month, indicating the popularity of the Shiraz market and other cities in the south of the country.

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  • 09122002258
  • Mansour Mohammadi Dolatabadi
  • Mazandaran - Sari - Pasdaran Boulevard, Sari, after Naim Shaaban Hospital, Next to Refah Bank, Clinic and Caspian Surgery Center